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Chemical Peels

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Chemical peels are among the most popular non-surgical treatments to improve the appearance of your skin almost immediately. These peels provide you with a healthier, fresher, brighter, and younger look.

Because Dr. Radin is dedicated to staying up to date with the most advanced treatments in cosmetic dermatology, Radin Skin Centre provides highly individualized chemical peels using the most advanced formulas available today. Your peel is carefully chosen for you based on an evaluation of your skin and the results you wish to achieve.

A chemical peel can:

  • Reduce hyperpigmentation / brown and red spots
  • Diminish fine lines
  • Peels improve the quality and texture of the skin
  • Shrink enlarged pores
  • Improve acne
  • Repair sun damage

To ensure that you receive the very best of care, all procedures at Radin Skin Centre are performed by or under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Radin, a dermatologist board-certified in both Canada and the U.S., one of very few dermatologists with this distinction.


How Do Chemical Peels work?

Not all chemical peels are created equal. There are different types of peels depending  on the condition you wish to treat. Some are deeper or more aggressive than others.

All of the formulas remove damaged skin cells and expose the healthier layer of skin underneath.

Radin Skin Centre is a dermatology practice that can provide a medical skin analysis in order to choose the most advantageous peel for your skin and the problems you wish to improve.


A Typical Chemical Peel

You will be given instructions as to how to prepare for your chemical peel. These instructions will depend on the type of peel you will receive.

Most chemical peels require less than an hour to complete. You may feel some tingling as the chemical is applied to your skin, but no anesthetic is required.


Recovering from a Chemical Peel

Some downtime may be required after your chemical peel. This is especially true if you are receiving a more aggressive / deep peel. You may go home immediately, however.

You can expect to experience some redness and inflammation after your chemical peel, and you may feel mild tenderness. You will be given detailed after-care instructions to ensure that you heal as quickly as possible and receive the maximum benefit from your treatment.


Results of Your Chemical Peel

Chemical peels must be repeated periodically to maintain the results. The length of time your results will last varies depending on the type of peel you have received. While the deeper peels provide longer lasting results, they are not appropriate for all skin types.


Contact us today for a Chemical Peel consultation in Tecumseh / Windsor, Ontario.

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