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Laser for Spider Veins

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Spider and varicose veins ‬are enlarged veins that occur in 50% of women and are influenced by genetics and pregnancy. Our spider vein laser can help!11181857_751298934974841_2255133425338016278_nAt the Radin Skin Centre a special laser, called Nd: YAG Laser(1064 nm)  which is superior to  other lasers for the treatment of spider veins. It targets the small spider veins under the skin, closes them up and they naturally absorbed by the body.

The 1064 Nd: YAG Laser technology for leg veins involves very specific wavelengths of high energy to penetrate the skin without causing damage. The laser uses a cool spray  to protect the skin and for the patient’s comfort.

If there are only a few veins, sometimes one treatment is enough.  For more extensive veins, multiple sessions may be needed

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