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Laser Treatments

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Radin Skin Centre maintains some of the most technologically advanced lasers available today. There is a decided advantage to having a variety of lasers – the right tool can be used for the right concern. As each one is slightly different, this variety allows the medical technician to choose the best one for each individual based on skin tone, skin condition, and the desired results. Sometimes, more than one laser is recommended to provide the best outcome for a single patient.


Dr. Radin is the first person in Canada to have the Gentlemax Pro Laser, which is the most advanced and effective laser hair removal system. Other lasers target brown spots, red spots, and spider veins (broken capillaries, broken blood vessels, Rosacea).

How Do Laser Treatments work?

Lasers emit high energy light that can precisely target a very small area of the skin. The lasers used by Radin Skin Centre are nonablative, which means that the light penetrates deeper layers of the skin, leaving the top layers intact.

The laser is attuned by the practitioner to the color of the spot, vein, or hair, and it targets the pigment in order to remove the hairs or skin condition.


Lasers Used at Radin Skin Centre


The Gentlemax Pro Laser actually involves two different types of lasers. The Alexandrite 755 nm Laser is the gold standard for hair removal from lighter skin, while the YAG 1064 nm is the gold standard for hair removal from darker skin. The lasers target the pigment in the hair follicles and destroy them with heat, treating large areas of hair growth at a time. The lasers do not work on grey or lightly colored hair, and 4-8 sessions are required to reduce unwanted hair by about 90% (although individual results vary). The Gentlemax Pro Laser is also sometimes used for spider vein removal.

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light

The IPL or Intense Pulsed Light Harmony Advanced Fluorescence Technology Laser is another state-of-the-art device that is excellent for the removal of spider veins, red spots, and brown spots. IPL treatment is also sometimes called photo rejuvenation, Photofacial or Fotofacial.

Nd: YAG Laser

The Nd: YAG Laser is a device that precisely targets broken capillaries, brown spots, and red spots. It is so accurate that it is often used in eye surgeries. This laser also provides a subtle skin tightening effect that can help you look younger.

I have been interested in getting laser hair removal for years. I have watched enviously as many of my fair skinned friends showed me the success they have had. As a woman with dark skin and black hair I had done my research and knew that this is the most difficult type of colouring to treat as there is risk of scars/discolouration/shadows on skin, etc. Recently I tried the laser at Dr. Dan Radin’s clinic, it is the only one of its kind in Windsor and it’s clinically proven to be safe for even the darkest skin tones. I was worried that it would be painful, but was pleasantly surprised that there was just a slight tingle. Tweezing, waxing and threading hurt much more. It has been 4 weeks since my first treatment and there has been NO regrowth other than a few stray hairs. I didn’t have any skin reactions (and I have very sensitive skin) or discolouration. I am so excited for my next treatment and would recommend Dr. Radin’s laser hair removal to women of ANY skin colour.



A Typical Laser Treatment

Prior to each laser treatment, we use a cooling technique to reduce discomfort. These vary depending on the type of laser used. A cool gel or cooling spray may be applied. In the case of IPL, we use cold air provided by an advanced Zimmer cooler.

Ablative laser treatments can cause discomfort, but nonablative laser procedures like these do not greatly affect the top layers of skin. For this reason, each pulse of the light feels like nothing other than a rubber band snapping against you. Most patients are pleasantly surprised to find that these treatments are not uncomfortable.


Recovering from Laser Treatment

The laser treatments offered at Radin Skin Centre do not require a recovery period or downtime. You can resume normal activities immediately, although you will be instructed to wear sunscreen whenever you are outdoors.

You may experience some temporary minor swelling, redness, and/or bruising after a laser treatment. These symptoms usually resolve within a few days.


Results of Laser Treatment

The results of laser hair removal, brown spot removal, red spot removal, and spider vein removal are not immediate. While individual results vary, you can expect a gradual improvement of these conditions over a series of treatments.

Read more about Laser Hair Removal, Brown and Red Spot Treatment, and Vein Treatments.

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