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Dermal Fillers – Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm

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If you have lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin that make you look tired, angry, or older than you feel, dermal fillers can help you look more rested, youthful, and rejuvenated. Sometimes called facial fillers, cosmetic fillers, and injectables, these anti-aging injections “plump” areas of the face and neck that have lost volume and elasticity during the aging process. The result is a smoother, firmer, younger look.

Dr. Daniel Radin provides Restylane and Juvederm injections himself at Radin Skin Centre’s state-of-the-art facility. As a dermatologist, he is an expert in facial anatomy and special injection techniques that will provide you with an excellent result with minimal risk. Dr. Daniel Radin attends scientific conferences to stay in tune with changes and new dermal filler methods and products.  He is a leading local authority on dermal fillers.

Originally developed by dermatologists, cosmetic fillers can help you look younger longer and avoid the need for cosmetic surgery.

Restylane and Juvederm can smooth many lines and wrinkles, including:

  • Nasolabial folds from the nose to the corners of the mouth
  • Marionette lines from the corners of the mouth to the chin
  • Corners of the mouth
  • Vertical lines on the upper lip
  • Lines and hollowed areas around the eyes, including under eye circles
  • Better cheek definition
  • Forehead lines
  • Slight facial asymmetry
  • Thin lips

How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

As we age, we produce less hyaluronic acid, and this results in the wrinkles, folds, and sagging skin you begin to see as you get older. These dermal fillers can restore volume to wrinkles and folds. Because your body already produces hyaluronic acid, these injections are very safe, and no allergy test is necessary.

  • Restylane is a clear gel made up of hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally occurs in your body.
  • Juvederm is a smooth gel made up of hyaluronic acid
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus is a still thicker version of Juvederm.

Lasting results make all the difference when investing in self esteem.

Radin Skin Centre has introduced Juvederm Vycross Syringes into our range of injectable fillers. Vycross technology allows the longest lasting results of any Hyaluronic Filler available. Vycross has created three new fillers for specific concerns, Voluma, lasting up to two years can restore lost volume to the cheek area for facial rejuvenation. Volift can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines for over all revitalization, and Volbella can re-hydrate and enhance the appearance of the lip lasting as long as one year. Call the Radin Skin Centre today to book your free cosmetic consultation.

A Typical Restylane or Juvederm Treatment

The injections include Lidocaine, which numbs the treatment area so that you will feel more comfortable when the very fine needle is inserted. For patients that are allergic to lidocaine there are lidocaine free alternatives

You can expect your appointment to last about 30 minutes.

Recovering from Restylane or Juvederm Injections

Minimal downtime is required after dermal fillers, but you may experience some swelling, itching, bruising, and redness at the needle insertion points. These symptoms are usually gone within 7-10 days, sometimes sooner. If you experience any discoloration, feel free to cover it with makeup.

Results of Dermal Fillers

You will see gradual improvement after your injections over a period of weeks.They are all hyaluronic acid. Restylane injections last for about six months. In clinical studies, a second set of injections has lasted for as long as another 18 months.

Juvederm injections generally last for 6 months to a year.

It’s important to note, however, that individual results vary. While the results of dermal fillers are not permanent, neither are haircuts or even surgical facelifts. Fillers provide a more rested, more youthful, and natural look.

Dermal Filler FAQs

How can I maintain my dermal filler results?

You can prolong your dermal fillers and enjoy your youthfully refreshed appearance by getting touch-up injections when your results start wearing off. During your initial consultation, Dr. Radin will explain how long results typically last for your chosen product and when you might need to return for maintenance.

It’s up to you whether you want to continue getting fillers or revert to your original appearance. Non-surgical injectables give you complete control over your looks and let you decide to augment, enhance, and retain them for years to come. Most people who get dermal fillers from expert providers choose to keep up with periodic treatments.

How much do dermal fillers cost in Ontario?

The cost of your dermal fillers depends on your chosen products and how many units you need to achieve your desired outcome. After a personalized consultation, Dr. Radin and our team can provide you with a detailed breakdown of costs for the procedure.

How long does a dermal filler treatment take?

You can expect your appointment to last 30 minutes. You are free to leave our office immediately afterward and resume most of your activities right away.

How long does it take to see dermal filler results?

While you’ll notice a difference the same day, you will continue to see a gradual improvement over the next few weeks as the hyaluronic acid settles in and starts attracting moisture.

Can you combine dermal fillers with other treatments?

Yes, dermal fillers pair well with cosmetic treatments such as Botox and skin tightening. After understanding your aesthetic goals, Dr. Radin can suggest which procedures can help you rejuvenate your looks while delivering a naturally vibrant appearance.

Do I need time off work after getting dermal fillers?

You typically do not need any time off work after getting dermal fillers. While you may feel temporary side effects like soreness and swelling across the treatment area, you can manage them by following aftercare instructions.

How soon can I exercise after getting dermal fillers?

Please do not work out or do other strenuous activities for one to two days after your treatment to reduce swelling and bruising, give your dermal fillers time to settle in properly, avoid infection, and maximize your treatment.

How long do dermal fillers last?

Dermal fillers can last up to two years, depending on the product you use, the injection site, and your body’s response to the procedure. At your consultation, Dr. Radin can recommend which product to use and how long you can expect it to last.

Dermal Fillers and BOTOX

Dermal Fillers can often be used in conjunction with BOTOX® injections to improve different types of lines and wrinkles. BOTOX treats wrinkles that are caused by repeated facial expressions, blocking the muscle contractions that cause the wrinkle. Dermal fillers add volume back to aging facial tissue. Together, you can target virtually all wrinkles for a natural but younger appearance.
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