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Latisse/Eyelash Enhancement

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Latisse/Eyelash enhancement

Latisse in CanadaWhether you were born with sparse lashes or your eyelashes have thinned over time,  Latisse(bimatoprost) ophthalmic solution, in Windsor(Tecumseh), Ontario, can help you grow longer, thicker, fuller eyelashes in just a few weeks. When applied to the upper lash line once a day for several weeks, bimatoprost darkens your eyelashes and causes them to thicken and increase in length. Your eyelashes will appear darker and more dramatic – without makeup

Prescription bimatoprost solution is effective for people who feel that their eyelashes are sparse, short, or pale in colour. Many women choose bimatoprost to achieve the effects of mascara without having to apply makeup – allowing them greater freedom from their daily beauty rituals.

Bimatoprost is a very safe prescription treatment that is suitable for most people. However, you must first be evaluated by a physician to ensure that you are a good candidate for bimatoprost. Dr. Radin will review your medical history to determine if bimatoprost solution is right for you. Most of our patients receive their evaluation and prescription the same day.

Bimatoprost solution grows your eyelashes gradually, over a period of time. The liquid solution is applied along the upper lash line once daily for a period of 4 to 16 weeks. A visible difference in eyelash growth is usually seen within 8 weeks with full results appearing after 16 weeks. You can choose to stop treatment at any time once your desired enhancement is achieved.  These are your eyelashes, they area not fake or “stuck on”

If you stop using bimatoprost solution, your eyelashes will return to their previous appearance after several weeks or months. You can refill your prescription at Radin Skin Centre  to maintain your results.

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